Www.mihipita.lk  is offering a classified advertising service where the sellers can advertise their items or services and buyers can purchase those items or services on their own decisions. Www.mihipita.lk do not verify the condition of the items for sale or the authenticity of sellers or buyers. Therefore in order to assure your experience on our website to be safe as much as possible we strictly advise the users of www.mihipita.lk to follow below steps when using www.mihipita.lk services.

Keep things local. Meet the seller or buyer in person and see the item before you buy:
Buyers – Meet the seller in person. Check the item and make sure you are satisfied with it before you make a payment.
Sellers – Make sure the buyer agrees to pay your price.

Properly indentify the Seller or Buyer:
Before anything, please make sure you correctly identify the person you are dealing with. Collect as much as details about them and verify their identity before you finalize trades with them.

Exchange item and payment at the same time:
Buyers – Don't make any payments before receiving an item.
Sellers – Don't send an item before receiving your payment.

Use common sense:
Avoid anything that appears too good to be true, such as unrealistically low prices and promises of quick money.
Never give out financial information. This includes bank account details, eBay/PayPal info, and any other information that could be misused. Never use money transfer services when trading with strangers. Always accompany someone trustworthy and known to you when meeting sellers and dealing with money.

Avoid fake financial or payment services:
www.mihipita.lk does not offer any form of financial,  payment schemes or protections. Please report any emails claiming to offer such services. Avoid using online payment services or sites unless you are 100% sure that they are genuine.

Avoid fake information requests:
www.mihipita.lk never send emails or make calls requesting your personal details. If you receive an email or a call asking you to provide your personal details, do not provide any of your information.

Avoid fake offers of items:
www.mihipita.lk will never email or contact you to sell or promote any items to you. If you receive emails or calls offering any deals, do not respond them.

Avoid fake fee requests:
Avoid anyone that ask for extra fees to buy or sell an item or service.  www.mihipita.lk  doesn't allow items that are not located in Sri Lanka, so import and brokerage fees should never be required. Avoid requests to use money transfer services when trading with sellers on www.mihipita.lk. Those services are not meant for transactions between strangers and many scams can run through them. Avoid requests to use these services when trading items on www.mihipita.lk.

's safety measures:
The email address you provide at the registration with www.mihipita.lk  is only for administrative purposes and will not be displayed on your advertisement. Users who are willing to share their email address in their advertisement can post it in item description. None of your personal details will be exposed other than the Name and Contact number. We will make our best efforts to detect and prevent suspicious or inappropriate activity behind the scenes.

Reporting a safety issue:
If you find any fake or fraudulent advertisements on www.mihipita.lk, please report it to us immediately. We will take the steps to verify and remove the advertisement from www.mihipita.lk.
If you have been cheated by a seller, buyer or you have been a victim of a scam, we recommend that you contact your local police department against the fraudsters. Www.mihipita.lk is not necessarily collecting authenticated personal details of the users other than the email address or the contact telephone numbers provided by users at the time of registration or posting an Ad.  Also we don’t share user information publicly except the contact number which is mandatory for buyers to contact the sellers and any other details what so ever posted by the sellers in the Ad description. However, we are committed for the safety of our users and will cooperate with the Police department should we receive any requests to share any available information with us in connection of fraudulent or other criminal activity.